Referee Strip

The official strip for referees is the ORANGE one.

The Orange SAS strip must be worn for all Fox Memorial Premiership games.

When doing multiple games the WHITE strip can be worn for non Sharman or Fox games


Referee Vocab
  • 10-Metre Vocab
  • Kick Vocab
  • Touch Line and Scrum Vocab
  • Tackle and Play-the-ball Vocab
  • General Play Vocab

10-Metre Vocab

1. Identify player name if possible

2. Identify the breach or potential breach:

"All off" - Entire line is off side
"Off" - Offside on the 10m (or kick as detailed in List 2)
"Gone early" - Line or section of the line goes up early from 10m, scrum
"Shooter" - Single defender pressures the kicker by leaving early
"Linked" - Player does not retire 10m & rejoins the moving defending line

3. Identify player position relative to referee:

"Left" - Players some distance from the referee on his left side
"Left shoulder" - Players relatively close to the referee on his left side
"Tight left" - Defender close to ruck on left side (A & B defenders on goal line)
"Tight right" - Defender close to ruck on right side (A & B defenders on goal line)
"Right shoulder" - Players relatively close to the referee on his right side
"Right" - Players some distance from the referee on his right side

4. Call the “trigger” if required. This trigger must not be called until the play is affected by the player.

"Involved" - The identified offside player directly becomes involved in the play (eg. makes the tackle, intercepts the ball, etc)
"Interfered" - The identified offside player indirectly becomes involved in the play by forcing play back inside.

Kick Vocab

Note: If kickers’ team mates are in front of the kicker, use the same vocab process as 10-Metre Vocab list..

"Blocker" - An attacking player obstructs a kick chaser around the ruck area, usually the defender who moves from dummy half to pressure kicker

"Play on"/"Good" - Chasing players are on-side

"Inside 40" - Ball kicked inside the 40m line

"Late"/"Late tackle" - Kicker taken out late or with unnecessary force

"Played at, 6 more"/"Again" - Defending player plays at the ball intentionally

"6 more"/"6 again" - The ball is touched by a defending player intentionally

"Downtown" - Chasers from the kicking team leaving early on kick (in front of PTB)

"Chaser Interference" - Defender illegally interferes with chaser

"Held back" - Interference on a player looking to gather/re-gather the ball

Touch Line and Scrum Vocab

"Out" - The ball or player in possession of the ball is in touch

"Scrum"/"Penalty" - When a player is pulled into touch to indicate the restart of play

"Half back" - Defending half back moves away from the scrum base before ball emerges correctly from scrum, usually backwards to blind defensive

"Broke early" - Back-rowers broke from scrum before ball has emerged

Tackle and Play-the-ball Vocab

"High"/"High tackle" - A player making the tackle makes contact with the head or neck

"Driver" - Attacking player interfering with a defender who is in the process of making a tackle

"Leg lift" - A defender makes an obvious movement to lift the leg of the ball-carrier in a tackle

"Dangerous" - A defender places the ball-carrier into a position where the head or neck is likely to make first contact with the ground

"Flop" - Defender flops in after the tackle is complete

"Lost" - Attacking team has lost the ball in the tackle

"Stripped" - Ball has been intentionally stripped in a 2 or more man tackle

"Hand on" - A defender places a hand on the ball post-tackle

"Hand in" - A second movement to put a hand in on the arm or ball, to slow down the play the ball

"Grapple" - Wrapping action around the head/neck of the opponent

"Markers" - Markers are not square, go early or too deep

"Off the mark" - Player playing the ball moves off the mark and markers are taken out of play

"Leg pull" - holding/pulling of a players foot as he attempts to play the ball

"Working" - Defending player works over the ball carrier on the ground

"Facial" - hands, elbows making unnecessary contact with the defenders face in the tackle

"Spinning" - Defender spins to the front after tackle is complete. This does not apply to a surrender tackle

"Ball plant" - Player playing the ball fails to bring the ball off the ground or plays the ball whilst having the supporting arm on the ground

"Roll ball" - No genuine attempt is made to play the ball with the foot

"Crowding" - The player at marker moves forward in an attempt to reduce the space for the tackled player to play the ball

"Knees in" - A movement by the marker with the knees in an attempt to interfere with the play the ball

"Sleeper" - Passive obstruction by the ball players team mate, around the ruck area and when a clearing kick is being taken

"Milking" - The player in possession of the ball interferes with the tackler in an attempt to solicit a penalty from the referee for holding down

General Play Vocab

"Knock on" - Ball is propelled forward. Also identify which team knocked on.

"Forward" - Pass has gone forward

"Held back" - Interference on an attacking support player

"Obstruction" - Defender is obstructed

"Gone early" - Defending team leaves from behind the try line before a conversion kick is taken